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Just Listed Apartments

Amwaj (Rent)
BD 590

Amwaj (Sale)
BD 110,000

Juffair (Rent)
BD 500

Seef (Sale)
BD 125,000

Amwaj (Rent)
BD 700

Juffair (Sale)
BD 73,000

Reef Island (Rent)
BD 750

Reef Island (Sale)
BD 185,000

Sanabis (Rent)
BD 600

Seef (Sale)
BD 75,000

Property Is Our Business

PROPERTY ONE Investment Company is a professional property house founded in the Kingdom of Bahrain that evolved and grown exponentially as one of the fastest growing property solution providers in the market. Our integrated business activities works together in harmony to deliver a world class service to our clientele by providing an extensive diverse portfolio of commercial and residential properties, rewarding investment opportunities, value added property management services, innovative marketing techniques, and professional property consultancy advice.

OUR OBJECTIVE is to occupy a strategic market position in the real estate industry by developing our brand value, and achieving optimum geographical spread in the local, regional and international markets.

OUR TEAM is made up of highly skilled and dynamic multinational experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of the local property market, and international property affairs, dedicated to meet our clients and investors requirements.

OUR BUSINESS is to provide complete and comprehensive property solutions achieved through the following integrated core business activities (P MAID):

  • Property Marketing
  • Property Management
  • Property Advisory
  • Property Investment
  • Property Development


PROPERTY ONE markets a wide selection of properties through our effective sales and leasing department and our user friendly website including the following property categories:

  • Residential Villas
  • Apartments
  • Commercial Spaces (office & retail)
  • Storages & Warehouses
  • Freehold Properties
  • Investment Properties
  • Lands of different categories.


PROPERTY ONE provides developers, landlords, and investors a full range of facilities and property management services through a professional property services team and property managers. Our objective is to handle day-to-day needs of your property, minimize vacancies and maximize your bottom line. A well managed property will serve as an incentive to the tenants to remain in occupation for longer periods. Accordingly, a good management will also ensure that your asset is maintained and costs and revenues are budgeted and accounted for.

Our property management services include:

  • Property Marketing & Leasing
  • Tenant Screening
  • Preparing & Documenting Lease Agreements
  • Lease Coordination & Management
  • Around Clock Property Maintenance Services
  • Rent Collection & Financial Reporting
  • Cleaning & Security Services

PROPERTY ONE also owns and manages a range of executive fully Serviced Offices and business centers in various prime business locations for start-up businesses, branch offices, project offices, and international companies, with the following facilities and services:

  • Flexible Work Spaces & Tenancy Terms
  • Executive Office Suites & Workstations
  • Cable & Wireless High Speed Internet Connection
  • Board Rooms & Presentation Facilities
  • Telephone & Fax Facilities
  • Administrative & Business Support



PROPERTY ONE’s Property Advisory unit provides independent and objective advisory and consultancy services to property owners, developers, builders, lenders, and investors on all property related aspects, covering a wide range of issues concerning site locations, demographics, high and best use, master planning and conceptualization. Our advisory services also include the following:

  • Market Intelligence Reports
  • Market Analysis
  • Property Appraisals & Valuations
  • Financial Analysis
  • Projects Comprehensive Analysis
  • Project Development & Management

Our research unit issues monthly reports on the local and international property markets, monitoring the most recent trends and fluctuations in the property industry.


PROPERTY ONE provides a wide range of attractive investment properties for individual and institutional investors. Our advisory unit carefully studies and performs independent due diligence for each and every investment property and ensures that it has attractive returns before recommending it to our investors and clients. Our professional team works closely with you to advice on the best investment properties with high rental yields and high potential capital appreciation.


PROPERTY ONE engages in selected property developments and acquisitions in different property segments. In addition PROPERTY ONE invests in acquiring distressed properties to renovate and manage them profitably.

Just Listed Villas

Budaiya (Rent)
BD 1,200

Saar (Sale)
BD 800,000

Mahooz (Rent)
BD 900

Saraya (Sale)
BD 165,000

Juffair (Rent)
BD 1,600

Amwaj (Sale)
BD 420,000

Janabiya (Rent)
BD 1,100

Muharaq (Sale)
BD 150,000

Saar (Rent)
BD 1,150

Amwaj (Sale)
BD 420,000